April 2021

Zabar Project Gallery

The Studios of Key West

Pisces explores an ethereal underwater world. While escapism is a driving force in creating the work, there are elements and undertones of social issues that emerge throughout the exhibit. Dancers are the photographic subjects in "Pisces", providing a unique second layer of artistic expression. 

Artist Statement

Born a Pisces with sun, moon and mercury in the same sign, I am a dreamer through and through. Raised on a woodsy lake just outside the gate of the largest Spiritualist community in the world, I’ve grown up believing in infinite intelligence, and the healing power of energy and dreams. Emotionally driven, I think with my feelings and allow my intuition to guide me. I am deeply influenced by my surroundings, and I almost always happen to be near a body of water.  My days are governed by my imagination and at night when I drift into a dreamworld, I see twilight blue, which has resulted in my deep connection to the color. Living in Key West, the turquoise sea surrounds me. Together, my twilight blue dreams and the tropical turquoise sea provide my greatest color inspiration. 


I’m continually in awe of the fluid nature of the female form - the ultimate vessel - how it relates to water and all that it represents in life. This medium allows me to delve deeper into what it means to inhabit this physical form.  I’m also interested in the vulnerability of being in the underwater world, a place where humans can’t breathe. I find the experience of being submerged to be both humbling and magical. It is my hope that when others experience my art, they too can enjoy an escape to my Piscean playground.

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